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How we help recruiters use a step by step blueprint…

…to make “More Placements” WithOUT
working more HOURS!

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We Help Recruiters

We are the world leader in activating recruiters to create the results that get them paid!

We enable recruiters to generate clarity in their messaging, discipline with their systems and focus on only the goals that matter.

Michael leads the group and has over 20 years of recruiting, consulting, training, organizational development, and facilitation experience both within the Fortune 500 as well as with small businesses, universities, and entrepreneurial recruiters.


The Secret Cold Calling Interview Guide for Passive Candidates

How to convey the BENEFITS of your Recruiting Services that makes Passive Candidates 100% confident about working with you

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Are you an established recruiters who need more candidates and clients? Can you afford to invest from 6 hours a month in your business for 3 months? Find out how I can help you – “The Accelerated Recruiter” is the only program designed to direct commission-based recruiters to increase their placements, maximize their profits, and gain peace of mind.

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