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The Accelerated Recruiter – Get results that get you PAID!

The Accelerated Recruiter is the only program designed to direct commission-based recruiters to increase their placements, maximize their profits, and gain peace of mind.

What You’re Gonna Get…

7 Weeks of Highly Specialized Group Coaching

Module 1 –

How to Create More Focus, Time and Money!
• Learn how to map out the recruiter desk for maximum profits
• Discover the 3 key problems facing recruiters today and how to profit
• How to influence candidates and hiring managers, leading to more placements

Module 2 –

Getting Organized to Profit!
• Learn how to prioritize your daily activities for maximum profit
• Discover little known technology hacks to automate daily recruiter activity
• How to eliminate needless activity from your plan

Module 3 –

Listening for Dollars!
• Learn how to connect to the desires of your candidates, so they see you as the only recruiter they want to work with
• Discover the exact wants of your clients to attract and instantly place the top candidates in the market
• The Exact 3 Step System that consistently gets you to a YES with both your clients and your candidates

Module 4 –

Marketing With Precision!
• Learn how to deliver targeted messaging for your ideal candidates that cuts through the noise in the marketplace
• Discover the simple process to build trust and rapport with your clients before ever presenting a single candidate
• How to generate massive lead flow in the most difficult markets

Module 5 –

Controlling Your Kingdom!
• How to get candidates you are cold calling to say YES even when they are fully employed
• How to get hiring managers to move quickly when it is time to decide
• How to spin your activity to ensure you get paid faster

Module 6 –

Making ROI Matter!
• Learn how to reduce the Time To Fill
• Discover the keys to increasing your fee without objections from your clients
• How to negotiate the best packages for your candidate and still serve your client

Module 7 –

Spinning Your Plates!
• Learn how to run your desk at maximum effectiveness without having to put your work / life balance in jeopardy
• Discover the secrets of working smarter not harder to earn more without having to put in any more time
• How to generate even more dollars out of your daily activity


Private Facebook Group

• Full communication, Q&A in the private group.
• Support and review requests from within the group.

I have worked with Michael as a coach and mentor over the past year and he has been tremendously helpful with helping me strategically develop and plan my current and ongoing business. Michael has helped me with focusing in on improving my personal performance. He has helped provide me with focused guidance and structure in methodically developing a solid foundation for building my business. He has provided me with various material and media and personal one on one coaching that has helped me dramatically improve my work. He has been critical with the nurturing of what I have put forth to grow my recruiting business.

David N. King, Solopreneur

Michael is the consummate professional. He has a unique ability to communicate and impart his knowledge on career development and leadership in a very concise and effective manner. Michael is also very focused on results. He was able to provide me with specific and measurable ways to handle my career transition. He helped me to explain the true value my experience can bring to any type of company. I would not have my new position without Michael’s guidance. I highly recommend him for any type of career development or leadership coaching.

Jonathan Cheriff, Vice President of Sales at M3 Global Research


Full Access to Custom Templates and Downloads

The Accelerated Recruiter Back Office: Here you will find all the documents you need to help you work smarter not harder!
• The Full Desk Recruiter’s Back Office
• The Client Facing File Cabinet
• The Candidate Facing Library

If All This Did For You Was…

• FINALLY Allow You to Find More Clients and Attract More Candidates… Would It Be Worth It?
• Give You A Solid Game Plan For Consistently Growing Your Income… Would It Be Worth It?
• Allow You to Work Less and Earn More… Would It Be Worth It?

Who Is This For?…

• Established recruiters who need more candidates and clients
• Brand new recruiters looking to gain big results rapidly
• You can afford to invest from 6 hours a month in your business for 3 months.

Get started now…

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